Tennis calendar and events

You will find here all the infos and links needed to join one of our events for the season 2023

Sunday evening sessions

You can join any time one of our sunday session. Every sunday kl21-22, in VictoriaStadion. To register, you have to be an ATL member and login on the mycourt system. Then select "Tennis inomhus" and the timeslot 21-22 "Stegen activity".
During this session, you'll have the opportunity to play 2 short matches of 25 minutes each against players with a level close to yours. A good way to meet new players and potential future tennis partners.
Please to try to join as well the whatsapp groups where everything is orrganised (match schedule, waiitng list, ...).
Bonus: the Sunday 21-22 contest


A new format that started in September 2021. Players are distributed in divisions of 6 players, according to their levels. During one round, each player is supposed to meet all the other players of his division. A round can last approximately 8 to 10 weeks. Players self-organize their matches, by booking 1-hour spots. At the end of the round, the top2 players of each division move up, the bottom 2 go down.
New players can enter/quit the League when a new round starts.
Please find more details here.


Several tournaments can be organized during a season. Depending on the courts availability and the covid restrictions...
The main ones take place every summer (june - august). Self-organized matches, several rounds. All details here : Summer tournaments

We used to have as well the "Slutspel", played during one afternoon in April. All details here : Race to Lund 2021 Slutspel !